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How much CONTENT are you posting DAILY?

Written by: Makeda Blackburn

· If you are a business owner in Today’s world, You must Engage and learn the Art of Social Media.

· Over Saturation is REAL, and IF you don’t start NOW, you WILL see what I’m talking about.

· Always be Authentic and organic with your audience and message. Do not try to be perfect, you WANT TO build an effective and monetizing community with your presence, testimonials and messages.

· Pay attention to the supporters and even the haters, because when they start to love you, YOU know you did your job CORRECTLY.

· Grab your journal and write their names down, that way you can continue to build rapport with them. They will soon be one of your loyal clients and or customers.


1. How much are you posting?

2. Are you creating your own content like NFT’s? or are you circulating someone else’s message?

3. If you are reposting only their content, STOP IT NOW! You are making someone else besides YOURSELF, ALL OF YOUR MONEY! If this doesn’t resonate with you, I don’t know what else will?

4. Ask yourself…. Does it serve your purpose, and or align itself with your message. If it DOESN’T don’t post it. SIMPLE!

5. Are you having a GOOD blend of content and messages being shared to your social media platforms? For example; Videos, Reels, Live, IG STORIES, NFTs, Comedy, Inspiration Messages, REAL Posts, Dope Captions that produce and convert into $$$$

6. Are you utilizing ALL of your social media’s tools? For example; Landscape/ Lifestyle Pics, Branding Pics, Archives, Insights, Selfies, Testimonials, Reviews, Product Ads, Service Ads, Purpose Based Marketing Strategies etc.

7. Now let’s go a step further… Are you ready?

8. Have you diversified your platforms yet? For example Tik Tok, Shopify, Youtube, Teachable, Facebook Group Chat, IG CLOSE FRIENDS, twitter (for captions and feed Purposes, which have been proven to boost Engagement.

9. What is engagement? Exactly how it sounds lol. Lets not make this difficult Family.

· Pay attention to HOW many people are engaging on your page. As we know in the beauty and or creator industry, it is imperative to know who likes your work and is reposting/ resharing. If people aren’t ACTIVELY ENGAGING, then someone ELSE is taking your SPOT! Especially if you haven’t built a Rapport and customer base with them in the past, outside of social media.


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